NOLA Broccoli | Garanimals *$150 OZ & $85 HALF*



Garanimals (Grape Pie x Animal Cookies) combines the deliciousness of Grape Pie and the potency of Animal Cookies to produce an indica-dominant strain that leaves a lasting impression on your senses. This flower is camouflaged with purples and greens, and the dense forest of trichomes almost gives off a silver glow. Its smell will ignite nostalgia in an experienced cannaseur, as it combines the sweetness of Grape Pie with a doughy, spiciness often associated with GSC strains. Garanimals produces high levels of THC but low levels of anxiety—a great combination for those looking for relief at the end of the day. Effects also include an incredible body sensation that is more tingly than heavy and a cerebral experience that is calming and euphoric. In short, this is a perfect strain for unwinding after a long day, and to partner with a massage or hot tub session. Garanimal’s natural terpenes have flavors of cinnamon, orange and hops, with top terpenes β-Caryophyllene, δ-Limonene, α-Humulene, Linalool, and Guaiol. One ounce is available in two half-ounce bags.

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